The Kelly Maddon Foundation was founded in 2014 to help provide financial and administrative assistance to existing domestic violence foundations.

All her life, Kelly Maddon was surrounded by domestic violence. This fueled her to begin helping others who have suffered by providing life-changing services necessary to rebuild their broken lives.

Tom Nelson has lived an extremely challenging life and has always championed the underdog. His hope is to help others – those who are literally at the end of their rope – overcome the challenges in life that are simply too much for them to handle alone. His goal is to help victims of domestic violence learn to truly live their lives without violence and fear.

In March of 2010, Tom and Kelly met and fell in love. Over the course of their relationship, they discussed plans to build a place for victims of domestic violence and others in dire need of a safe haven. The goal being to help these people rebuild their shattered lives.

Unfortunately, our beautiful Kelly passed away from an aneurysm on August 15, 2011 – five weeks before she and Tom were to be married. This sudden, tragic event affected Tom and Kelly’s children so greatly that it has taken several years for them to heal and begin to move forward.

After several years, however, the survivors of Kelly Maddon are back in full force and are ready to begin helping others rebuild their lives. And, they are doing so in Kelly’s honor!!

The Kelly Maddon Foundation’s mission is to evaluate the needs of existing domestic violence foundations and provide assistance which will make them better able to provide services to those in need. These services include everything from food, shelter, clothing, therapy and basic necessities to the skills needed to become completely independent and launch a successful career.

The long-term goal is to see these families flourish, despite the tragic circumstances that brought them to the domestic violence foundations in the first place!

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